District 13 Structures & Procedures

Adopted 02/10/2016

Article II: District 13


Section 1: All are welcome.

Section 2: The district body consists of one General Service Representative (GSR) and/or Alternate GSR from each group within the District 13 boundaries, One Treasurer, and Alternate Treasurer, One Secretary and/or Alternate Secretary, One District Committee Member (DCM) and/or Alternate DCM.


Section 3: Quorum – a quorum is necessary to conduct business at any meeting of the district. A Quorum consists of two-thirds of the average attendance of the district body from the last three regular district meetings.


Article Ill: Officers


Section 1: District Committee Member (DCM) ,Shall lead District 13’s monthly business meetings. Will appoint committee chairpersons whose term shall run concurrent with the DCM’s term of office and will attend Area 12 Assemblies, as well as Area 12 Committee meetings, Will be considered the ex-officio of committee meeting and any ad-hoc committee meetings deemed necessary by the district body.


Deliver all Area 12 and District 13 e-mails and/or correspondences to GSR’s, committee members and any other member on the District 13’s contact list.

The DCM shall visit each group within the district at least once yearly. If the DCM wishes to attend any event outside of District 13’s pre-approved budget the DCM will follow said procedures.


The DCM will present the district with a projected expense analyst of the event two

district meeting prior to the event date.


In the event an elected officer or committee chairperson resigns or misses two consecutive district meetings without just cause the district will consider the elected officer resigned.


The DCM shall call for an election for the replacement of the resigned elected officer(s) at the second district meeting after the announcement was made.


The DCM shall seek a replacement for the resigned committee chairperson.


Section 2: Alternate District Committee Member (Alt. DCM): The Alt. DCM shall perform the duties of the DCM in the absence or inability of the DCM to discharge the duties of the office. The Alt. DCM, with the support of the Ad-Hoc committee consisting of two GSR’s and one committee member, will create three workshops held within the boundaries of District 13.


The Alt. DCM will share the responsibilities of visiting the groups within the district with the DCM.


Section 3 Treasurer: Collect and keeps financial records as well as report back to the district a financial accounting at the district meetings. Disperse funds quarterly as allocated by the pre-approved budget. Collect receipts from the elected officers and committee members. Have bank statements available for members to review by request. Maintain bank account to balance out with ledger. Up keep and maintain District 13’s PO Box and will submit a report to the district at the monthly meeting.

The Treasurer position is a non-voting position on District 13 matters. However, if the Treasurer is also a GSR, then that individual may vote in their capacity as a GSR.

PO Box Address:

District 13

  1. 0. Box 51

Ocean View, DE 19970


Section 4:   Alternate Treasurer: The Alternate Treasurer shall perform the duties of the Treasurer in the absence of or the inability of the Treasurer to discharge the duties of the office.


Section 5: Secretary: District 13’s secretary has a voice and a vote at the district meeting and give a report at the district meetings.

Take notes of the district meetings and will receive written reports from the GSR’s., DCM, and committee chairperson(s) for entry into the district minutes.

Within two weeks from the past district meeting the secretary will transmit the minutes electronically to the GSR’s, elected officers, committee chairpersons and any other member listed on the district contact list.

Update and maintain District 13’s contact list

Section 6 Alternate Secretary: The Alternate Secretary will coordinate with the secretary to assist with the above duties. The Alternate Secretary shall perform the duties of the Secretary in the absence of or inability of the secretary to discharge the duties of the office.


Article IV: Standing Committees


Section 1: There shall be the following standing committees listed below.


  • Archives
  • Literature
  • Public Information (Out Reach)
  • Activities,/ workshops
  • Intergroup Liaison
  • Website


Section 2: Each Standing Committee will have one committee chairperson acting as a trusted servant of that committee


Section 3: Each committee chairperson’s term shall run concurrent with the DCM’s term of office.


Section 4: Each outgoing committee chairperson shall turn over all pertinent material to the incoming committee



Section 5: Suggested one year of sobriety and actively working the Twelve Steps of Recovery.


Section 6: To be an effective committee chairperson, it is suggested the committee chairperson reach out to each group’s respective representative and meet bi-monthly from the regularly schedule district meetings.


Section 7: The committee chairperson should interact and cooperate at the Area 12 Assemblies and attend the assemblies. There are a total of six Area Assemblies in the two year term.


Section 8: Each committee chairperson will report at each district meeting and turn in a hardcopy of the report to the district secretary and the district archives chairperson. In case of absence the committee chairperson can submit their respective report to the district secretary to be read and entered into the minutes.


Article V: Finance Committee

Section 1:


Article VI: District Meetings


Section 1: District meeting shall be held monthly on the second Wednesday of the each Month, Time and Place of meeting: All meetings will start at 6pm. And be held at St. Martha’s Church in Bethany Beach, DE, Meetings to be held no longer than 1 hour in length. Special and or emergency meetings can be called for as determined by the voting body. Any changes to meeting schedule will made through the voting process


Section 2: The DCM may call for a special district meeting upon the written request or electronically transmitted request of five district voting members.


Section 3: A quorum necessary to transact business at any district meeting shall consist of two thirds of the average attendance of the voting body from the previous three district meetings.


Section 4: Motions made at a district meeting will be submitted in writing to the secretary. The secretary will read the motion and enter the motion into the district minutes. At this time no further discussion will take place and the motion is tabled until the next regularly scheduled district meeting. At the next regularly scheduled district meeting the secretary will read the motion. The DCM shall call for discussion and subsequent vote by the district voting body. Third Legacy procedures will be followed.


Section 5: Each district officer or alternate and each GSR or alternate shall have one vote in all votes taken and must be present to vote. In the absence of a GSR or alternate, any designated member of a group may act for the group. Any voting member having a dual responsibility shall only have one vote.


Article VII: Election Procedures


Section 1: Elections will be held in November of the odd calendar years and the elected officers will start their term in January of the following year. The Third Legacy Procedures will be followed in all officer elections.


Section 2: GSR’s or alternate and elected officers and alternate shall have one vote.

Any voting member holding two positions shall have one vote.


Article VIII: District Structures and Procedures


Section 1: These structures and procedures may be amended by two thirds vote. Amendments must be first presented to the DCM in writing and shall be submitted by the DCM to the district body in writing at a regularly scheduled district meeting. At this time no further discussion will take place and the amendment is tabled until the next regularly schedule district meeting. At the next regularly scheduled district meeting the secretary will read the amendment to the district body.

The DCM shall call for discussion and subsequent vote by the district voting body. Third Legacy procedures will be followed.


Section 2: